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Enjoy Your Moments With Our Various Table Games Such As Baccarat, Black Jack, Niu Niu, And Texas Hold ‘Em.
Some games may be discontinued or replaced by other games depending on certain situations.


Baccarat, one of the traditional casino games, is a simple yet thrilling and exciting game that is popular with many players.

The “Player” and the “Banker” are dealt two or three cards, and either side which has the single digit closest to 9 wins. The player can bet whether the “Player” or the “Banker” wins. There are also side bets such as “Tie” and “Pair” which is two cards with the same number.

Cards 2 to 9 are counted as their face value, 10s and picture cards are counted as 0 value, and Aces are counted as 1 value.

If you win, the “Player” pays out an equal amount of the bet, and the “Banker” pays out 95% amount of the bet.


Blackjack is one of most popular game in the world.
It is a competitive game between the player and the dealer and who has the higher cards, without exceeding 21, wins.

Cards 2 to 10 are counted as the value, and all picture cards are counted as 10. An Ace can be counted as either 1 or 11.

Players are first dealt two cards and may add more cards, but their bets are collected once the total of cards exceeds 21 or “bust” in gamers’ terms.

If the first two cards dealt are an A and a 10 or a picture card, the total value of cards is 21 and this is called “blackjack”.

The normal payout is equal to your bet, but if you win “blackjack” you will receive 1.5 times your bet.


Niuniu is a competitive game between player and dealer. Players are dealt five cards each and compete by their points.

Cards 2 to 10 are counted as face value, and all picture cards counted as 10, and Aces are counted as 1.

First, three of the five cards are used to find a combination that is a multiple of 10. The single digit of the total of the remaining two cards is the player’s point, which is compared to the dealer’s point to determine the winner.

If three cards form a multiple of 10 and the remaining two cards also form a multiple of 10, it is called a “niuniu”.

The player’s points determine the payout odds and whether commission is taken or not. Also, if the dealer wins, payment may be made in addition to the bet collection depending of the dealer’s points.


Texas Hold’em is one of many poker games and is one of the most popular games in the world.

Each player is dealt 2 hole cards, and then 5 community cards are opened. The winner is determined by the strength of the hand that each player can use, 2 and 5 community cards, and 5 of these 7 cards in total.

The 5 community cards will be opened in three rounds. First 3 cards (flop), then 1 card (turn), and finally 1 card (river). Each player in turn selects the option “Check”, “Call”, “Raise” or “Fold” before flop and after each card is opened.

The winning player wins the “pot,” which collects each player’s bets.


Baccarat Super 6 has the same basic rules as regular Baccarat.

The difference from regular Baccarat is that when “Banker” wins with other than 6 points, the payout is equal to the bet amount, but when the “Banker” wins with 6 points, half of the bet amount is paid. In addition, there is a side bet called “SUPER 6”, and the payout is 12 times the bet amount.